When it comes to grand format flatbed printers, UV LED printers offer unique advantages from many different angles that you just can't get with any other type of printer. It is important to be aware of the benefits that you get from working with a UV LED flatbed printer.

Benefit #1: More Printing Applications

As the printer uses LED light, the heat output for the printer is not that high. Having a lower heat output means that the printer can be used to print on a wider range of materials. Materials that are sensitive to heat, and couldn't be rant through a normal flatbed printer, such as self-adhesive sheets or PVC material, can be printed on with a UV LED flatbed printer. With this type of printer, you can print on just about any material imaginable, from glass to plastic to wood. Not many other printers can offer that level of versatility.

Benefit #2: Quick Operations

With an LED lamp on the printer, you can turn the printer on and off without worrying about damaging it. There is no delay in turning it off, and there is also no warm-up time. That allows for quicker operations, which means that you can be more productive with your printer use. This allows for more to get done.

Benefit #3: Energy Savings

Old flatbed printers used mercury bulb lamps. Mercery bulb lamps require significant energy to run, and they require warm-up and cool downtime. LED lamps use a lot less energy, which means that they will cost you considerably less energy to run your printer. This will bring down your operating costs. If you sell the things you print, this will also bring down the cost-per-item to print and make things, as the machine costs less to operate overall.

Additionally, the UV LED lamps don't create gases that must be ventilated out of the machine like a mercury light. You also don't have to pay for special disposal of the lamp when it goes out like a mercury lamp; you can get rid of it through regular disposal means.

Benefit #4: Durability

When you purchase an expensive printer, you want it to last. When you purchase a UV LED printer, you get a printer that should last for thousands of hours without changing the bulbs inside of the printer. You will have to add more ink, but the costs to repair and fix the actual printer itself should be meager, as this type of printer uses fewer parts and requires less maintenance.

When it comes to a flatbed printer, you should choose a UV LED flatbed printer. You can print on anything, the printer is durable and long-lasting, operating times are quick, and it is a greener option than a mercury bulb UV flatbed printer.

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