There are more ways to use custom plaques in your office than you may realize. Plaques can be a great way to signify the achievement of a goal, a nice way to show appreciation, and are a good form of advertising. Here is some information on some of the different ways you can use custom plaques in your office: 

Employee of the month

You can have a large custom plaque made to display the names of the employees of the month for the current calendar year. Each month when you choose a new employee of the month, you can have their name engraved and added to the plaque. You may also want to give the employee of the month a special prize. When you have an employee of the month program at your office, you may find that it can help boost morale and give employees even more reason to do the best job possible. 

Special awards

If your office has won something or reached an achievement that you are proud of, then a plaque may be given to your office as an award. However, if a plaque isn't a part of the award or a way in which the recognition is offered, you can have a custom plaque made to display in the office. For example, if your office was named the most charitable office in your county, then you may want to have a custom plaque made that displays this information. This way, when people come into your office, they will see this achievement and have more of an appreciation for the good works you have done in the area. 

Sponsorship information

Many times, when you sponsor something like a local youth sports team, the sponsorship will come with a custom plaque. If not, then you can have one made for the office yourself. This shows the people that come into the building that you are involved in the community and that your office supports local activities that promote teamwork and the youth. 

Important dates 

You can have a custom plaque made that shows important dates for the office. For example, you can have a plaque to display that shows the date the office first opened. Other important dates can be added as well, such as the date the office relocated to a larger space, the date the office went green, and so on.

Contact a company that supplies custom plaques for more information.