Spray foams or polyurethane expanding foam products are popular for many purposes and can be an excellent asset to have around the house. There are different kinds of flexible expanding foam products rated for various uses, but some of the most common uses include sealing, insulating, and protecting areas in the home. 

Sealing and Water Proofing

Using a flexible expanding foam to seal holes or cracks around the house is a good idea, but you need to make sure that the foam you are using is waterproof if you are going to use it outside. Often, holes where pipes come through walls or pass through the floor will fill gaps, allowing air to get into the home.

You can use flexible expanding foam to fill the gaps and seal out cold air or bugs that might try and use the gap as a way into your home. These are great for homeowners because all you need to do is spray the foam into the hole and let it expand and set up. 

There is no mixing of chemicals or special applicators needed to use the foam, and if you use the right one, it is incredibly durable and will stay in place for many years. If you are not sure what to use, a visit to a home center is a good place to start. They can help you select the right product for your needs. 

Insulating Your Home

Flexible expanding foam is often used as insulation in residential properties, but it is often sprayed in by insulation contractors. The contractor will prepare the home and spray the foam into all the critical places where heat can escape the house, and the foam will expand to fill the voids, sealing out the cold and insulating the home. 

If you want to insulate something smaller, you can use foam from a spray can and apply it yourself. You may also want to use the canned foam products to fill gaps that you find if any insulation comes loose or if a hole opens that was once covered in foam insulation.

When you just need to touch up a few spots, you may be able to do this part of the process yourself. If the work is still under warranty, that is a different situation, and they should make repairs to the flexible expanding foam insulation for you. 

The contractor may even bring small cans to do touch-ups with if they have them available, and if you ask, they might leave a can or two for you to use in other areas of the home. Contact a company that provides flexible expanding foam for more information.