You might be ready to purchase mailing shipping tubes so that you can use them for shipping posters, documents, art prints, and much more. After all, mailing shipping tubes are great for all different mailing and storage purposes. When you are purchasing shipping tubes, avoid making these mistakes. Then, it should be easy for you to purchase tubes for whatever purpose you might have in mind.

1. Buy Them in the Wrong Sizes

Don't make the assumption that most or all shipping tubes are similar in size; this simply is not the case at all. Some tubes are short enough that they can fit in the average mailbox, while some are much longer and are therefore able to accommodate bigger posters and art prints. Some have a wider diameter and are therefore able to hold stacks of important legal documents, while others are much thinner and are only really useful for storing and shipping individual pieces, such as posters. Carefully check out the length and diameter measurements when purchasing mailing shipping tubes to ensure that you are buying them in the right sizes for your needs. You may even want to buy mailing shipping tubes in a few different sizes so that you will always have the right tube for whatever shipping or storage project you might have in mind.

2. Buy Cheaply Made Mailing Shipping Tubes

Mailing shipping tubes are typically pretty affordable, which is part of their charm. However, you will probably want to avoid buying the cheapest mailing shipping tubes, since they might not hold up well. Instead, check out those that are made from plastic or thick, durable cardboard to ensure that they aren't easily crushed, torn, or damaged during the shipping process.

3. Buy Too Few Mailing Shipping Tubes

Unless you are simply looking to purchase a mailing shipping tube for one-time use, you should avoid buying too few mailing shipping tubes. Typically, you will pay less per tube if you buy more tubes at one time. This is useful for those who regularly use shipping tubes for business shipping. Additionally, once you have plenty of tubes for use in your business, you might find that you will use them for all sorts of purposes. If this is the case, then you probably will not want to run out of them. Therefore, buying more mailing shipping tubes can help you ensure that you don't run out of these tubes when you need them.