You want to buy a home. You are ready and willing to put down a down payment after getting approved for a loan to purchase said home. While you may see many beautiful properties on the market that are spacious and within your price range, not all will pass the inspection. Getting a home evaluated by an inspector before you buy it is so crucial because you do not want to invest in a home that has a lot of problems. You might think it is easy to spot problems, but many issues go unidentified until it is too late.

What Does the Home Inspector Do?

The home inspector goes through a detailed inspection of a property while looking for signs of potential issues. Inspectors have received the proper training to help them identify problems that sellers may attempt to hide when they are trying to make a quick sale. The different things your home inspector will do upon visiting a home that you are thinking about buying include:

  • Checking for mold growth, especially near the windows and in the bathroom and basement.
  • Looking for signs of infestations, including infestations of rodents, bed bugs, and termites.
  • Carefully examining the roof to check for missing shingles and other types of damage.
  • Checking the plumbing system and all plumbing fixtures.
  • Examining the home's structure and looking for cracks or holes.

An inspector goes through a very detailed process to find out if different things are going on inside the home that you need to know about before trying to buy it.

What to Do If a Home You Want Does Not Pass Inspection

If a home you want to buy does not pass the inspection, you may want to ask the seller to take the necessary steps to resolve the issues that your inspector identified. Unfortunately, not all sellers want to go through that process. If the seller does not wish to make renovations to solve problems, the best decision to make might be to move on and look for a different home that will pass the inspection.

You want to move into a home that is not infested with rodents, full of mold, or damaged in some other way. Because you want to move into a problem-free property, you need to hire a home inspector to inspect any property you have your eyes on carefully. The inspector will let you know of the findings to help you decide if you are going to buy a specific home or not.

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