Do you have some things that you need to put into storage for an undetermined length of time? Have you been trying to decide exactly which facility you should use and which unit you should rent? When looking at all of the various amenities offered, you may find yourself confused and wondering if any of them are worth it. The one that makes the biggest difference in price is usually climate control, making many people think that they can skip this and instead go with an outside unit. While an outside unit is cheaper, a climate-controlled one offers several advantages, including the following. 

Furniture protection: Wooden furniture is especially sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. In an outside unit, your furniture could show signs of damage, through no fault of the storage facility, after just a few months in storage. In a climate-controlled self-storage unit, your furniture will be protected not just from obvious precipitation but also from the temperature and humidity changes that happen on a daily basis. As a result, your furniture will continue to look as good when you take it out as it did the day that you first put it into the storage unit.

Insect protection: All reputable self-storage facilities have an exterminator spray for various insects at regular intervals. When you have an outside unit, it's relatively easy for an insect to fly in from outside the facility and cause damage to your belongings before succumbing to the spray. With an interior climate-controlled self-storage unit, there is an extra layer of protection. Instead of being able to land directly in front of your unit, any insect that would otherwise infest your belongings needs to first get inside and find its way to your unit. Being inside, it's much less likely that random outside insects will be able to do this.

Your comfort: At some point, you're going to need to access your unit. Obviously, you need to do this when putting your things into storage. But you may also want to come at various intervals to pull something out or to put something else into your unit. Without climate-controlled self-storage, this access can be extremely uncomfortable. In the summer, you'll find yourself sweating and possibly dripping all over your belongings as you try to find what you came for. In the winter, you'll be shivering and dealing with the cold. With climate control, you'll be much more comfortable and have an easier time accessing your unit in general.