As the unofficial beginning of summer approaches, you may need to shift gears and look for different types of work. Knowing the right places to look now will make it easier to find seasonal work before the opportunities are gone.


Tourism is a major industry for some localities, even if you do not live near a beach. If you happen to live near the water, you will likely find many stores, restaurants, and resorts need more help during the summer months. For localities further inland, check with local attractions like campsites, nature trails, and historical sites. In the warmer months, locals and visitors alike are more likely to explore the community since daylight is longer. These places may need more tour guides or people to help keep campsites and trails clean. Amusement and water parks are busy once summer vacation starts, making it ideal to find employment there, often until fall.


You may find opportunities as an educator during the warmer months whether you are a qualified substitute teacher or can teach post-secondary education. Full-time educators in secondary and post-secondary education often have 9–10-month contracts and take the summers off. This can leave vacancies, especially at community colleges and four-year institutions. Another area of education you should consider is community centers, parks and recreation departments, and workforce development centers. In some instances, you may not need a formal education to be an instructor, and you can teach interesting topics, such as art, computer software, or baking. Since these courses may be contingent upon having enough interested students, you should start the process of being an instructor early.

Manual Labor

Manual labor jobs are often plentiful year-round, but in the warmer months, the types of jobs available tend to change. You are more likely to find opportunities for general construction tasks, such as building or remodeling homes. Landscaping, such as mowing lawns and cleaning up debris after storms, will be more common during this time. Homeowners who have outdoor pools will use them more often as the weather becomes warmer, so they may hire people to help keep the pool clean. You should check with city or state departments that manage the roadways and government buildings. Repairs to the road, sidewalks, and parking lots are also common this time of year because the weather is better for asphalt and concrete repairs.

It is easier to find temporary seasonal work if you know where to look before the season is upon you. As the summer approaches, there will be a major shift in the type of seasonal opportunities you can find.