When you run a warehouse, you need to have the proper equipment on hand for your employees to take care of the day to day jobs around the warehouse safer and more efficiently. One piece of equipment that you want to consider when you are in charge of a warehouse is a vertical ram lift. These lifts move loads vertically between mezzanines in an efficient manner, so your workers can get loads transferred faster and get to the next job on their list. Giving your workers what they need to speed things up and transfer loads safer and with less physical demand can help your bottom line and decrease the chances of back injuries, as well as other types of injuries. This short guide will help you with more of an understanding of how you can use a mezzanine material lift in your warehouse.

There are many uses for a vertical lift

Vertical mezzanine lifts can be used for more than just your warehouse needs. They can also be used for loading cargo, distribution needs, retail stores, storage rooms, large record storage room needs, and more. Being able to use this one piece of equipment to take care of the transferring needs of any area with multi-level space is very helpful.

Here are some of the features a vertical lift can or does have that will help it be safer for your work crew to use and to help them work faster.

Rails – Rails can come in adjustable heights depending on what you need to use the lift for. If the lift is stationary, then the guide rails help to create a safer workplace by making sure the lift stays right where you need it.

Lit push buttons – Push buttons that are lit make it much easier for workers to see them. This way, they can call the operator to relay pertinent information about the load transfer without difficulty. There will also be emergency stop buttons at the stations as a safety feature.

Fail safe brake systems – Fail safe brakes will lock the carriage securely, even if there is an issue with the power. This is crucial to ensuring everyone's safety when they are near the lift.

Enclosures – You have the option of your lift having an enclosure and this can prevent people in the area from accidentally getting injured by the lift by getting in the way without realizing it. The enclosures also act as an extra safety feature for the load, ensuring if anything should shift that it won't be able to fall off and to the ground.