When you get your water from a functioning well, one thing you must always make sure of is that the well and motor are maintained properly. When water flow drops so low it only trickles from faucets, you must investigate immediately and determine which of the following well problems you're having.

1- Something's Wrong with the Pump

Often, a problem with flowing water is attached directly to the health of the pump that pushes water out of the well into the house. You may hear the pump vibrating or there may be no signals at all, but the pump should be the first thing looked at. 

It could be that the pump simply isn't low enough to pump water; if the pump isn't placed low enough, it's not able to become fully submerged or pump the liquid. This shallow well an Be deepened by professionals if that's the main issue.

However, it could just be that the pump has totally failed. It won't power up and water won't run at all; if you're seeing water flowing at all, it's possible that you're only seeing what was left in the pipes before failure. In such events you'll need a new suitable pump. To find one, you'll have to know how much power your last pump had; it's possible that you need a stronger power model.

Another possibility is that the pump has been frozen, causing cracks and damage. If this happens, you will still need a replacement, but you need to be more aware of the heating conditions near the well. A new one can fail just as quickly if it freezes; make plans to house the pump and the well in a warm area. You might need to place heaters near your pump and well for use when temperatures drop below freezing.

2-Something isn't Right with the Well

The well itself could be having structural problems that influence water flow. If soil has pushed into the well, water may not be able to proceed to the pump. An entirely new location may need to be chosen for a new well with stronger walls. This is something you're unlikely to be able to do without guidance, so a drilling professional needs to be contacted.

Getting to the main problem causing your water's low flow can be done easily. Well drilling experts can assess your well and pump to recommend actions that boost water flow indoors. Contact a company, like Robinson Water Well , for more help.