When a hurricane is headed for your area, it's vital that you make arrangements for handling essential needs during and after the storm. Once you've secured shelter for yourself, the next thing you need to think about is drinking water. Storms can cause interruption of various utilities, and water is vital for drinking, cooking and cleaning yourself. There are bulk potable water emergency services that can deliver water to you; if you choose to use one of these services, pay attention to the following.

Don't Wait to Set Up an Appointment

If you can, as soon as you're sure that the storm is on the way, you should be inquiring about water delivery to your home. Avoid waiting until after the storm; that's when water is in high demand and you may need to call more than one company to get the help you need. Make sure you set up a delivery so that you don't need to wait to use water. Contact multiple companies to see which can offer you the best deal.

Find Out What Size Containers You'll Receive

Some water companies will deliver water to your home in multi-gallon tanks. You can then pour water into smaller containers if necessary. However, other companies may be able to offer you a variety of container sizes that may be easier for you and your family to handle and work with. For instance, if you prefer one gallon bottles instead, ask whether that's an option and find out whether additional fees are attached to that. Some services also provide coolers instead of tanks and bottles.

Read the Agreement

In your haste to be sure that you have water, it's vital that you take a breath and read the agreement between you and the water company. There may be information regarding return of containers and other issues you need to be aware of.

Ask about Filtration Systems

There are some potable water companies that will also offer filtration systems. This is important because even if you have access to your regular water source after the storm, you might not be sure if it's safe enough to drink yet. Ask different companies about what filtration help they may be able to offer you. You might also want to ask about what kinds of filtration they use on their own water.

Now that you've got a clearer idea of what to be focusing on when you expect an emergency delivery from a water service, you can be more adequately prepared for the experience. Ask the bulk potable water service whether there is more information you need about your particular delivery.