Air compressors can be used to make all types of jobs a whole lot easier, so there are a lot of different types of units that you can choose from. Some businesses, such as mechanic's shops, have large, stationary air compressors that are seldom, if ever, moved. For what they are used for, portability just isn't often a necessity. If you are planning on using your air compressor for a host of different things, however, you might prefer a model that is a bit more portable. Luckily, there are a few things that you can look for that can help you ensure that portability is as easy as possible with your unit.

1. Size

Obviously, the size of your air compressor is going to make a difference in how portable it is. A big, bulky air compressor might be very powerful for certain applications, but it can also be a big pain to move -- literally. If you're going to be moving your air compressor around a lot, you'll probably want to look for a unit that isn't as cumbersome. Some of the smaller units out there have a surprising amount of power, so you might not have to worry about sacrificing power just so that you can choose a unit that is easy to move around.

2. Weight

Actual height and width isn't the only thing that is important when it comes to choosing an air compressor that you can easily move around. The weight of your unit is important as well. For example, some bigger units are designed to be lightweight, so even though they might be bigger in size, they can be surprisingly light. On the other hand, some smaller units are surprisingly heavy. When looking at different portable air compressors, it should be easy to compare weight. Make sure that you choose an air compressor in a weight that you feel you can move around with ease.

3. Type of Power

Some air compressors are electric units that plug into the wall. This can be convenient in some cases, but depending on what you are going to be doing with your portable air compressor, you might prefer a unit that has a fuel tank. Then, you won't have to worry about finding an electrical outlet later on when you are using your air compressor.

As you can see, there are a few things that you will want to look at when choosing a portable air compressor. If you look for these three things, you should not have a hard time finding an air compressor that you can use for whatever your needs might be.

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