If you are planning a move, make the most of your packing materials by packing your boxes properly. Talk with movers about buying the right materials, boxes, and supplies to keep your stuff safe during a move.

Ten tips for packing your moving boxes are:

  1. Buy the right boxes. Make sure to invest in properly sized boxes for your stuff to ensure that each one closes properly. Don't skimp on boxes, or you may find that your belongings get damaged in the move.
  2. Don't leave dead space. Don't ever leave dead space in the boxes; fill in around items with smaller items to ensure they are packed tightly. This will prevent them from jostling around during the move, which could lead to damage.
  3. Clearly label each box. Finish each box that you pack with a clear label that indicates what is inside. Ask your mover about labels and tape that will allow you to write down exactly where the box belongs in your new home.
  4. Take time to weed out. Make moving the time that you weed out what you don't use or want any more. A good rule of thumb to follow is that you shouldn't pack what you don't want in your new digs!
  5. Put apparel to good use. Use apparel to pad your breakables, stuffing clothing around breakables from your bedroom or bathroom. Make sure to indicate this on the label, so you know where to find your clothes when you unpack.
  6. Don't use bags. Don't use bags to pack your stuff! This is a recipe for disaster and will likely end badly. Go the extra mile and spring for boxes to ensure your stuff gets to your new home intact and safe.
  7. Pack lighter things on top. Put the heavy stuff on the bottom of each box and lighter things on top to make the boxes easier to handle and more stable when moving.
  8. Pack boxes based on the room. Pack up room by room, which makes it a lot simpler when you're trying to find certain items in your new home.
  9. Reinforce the bottoms. Even if you are using sturdy moving boxes, reinforce the bottoms with heavy-duty strapping tape. It is worth the extra effort if you save yourself one catastrophe and broken box!
  10. Be cautious when packing dishes. Wrap dishes with packing paper and pack them on their side, rather than laying them flat in the box, which makes them more susceptible to getting broken.

Use these tips to properly pack boxes and make sure your stuff stays safe during your move. Talk with movers about purchasing materials to make moving easier and to keep your belongings protected when you are packing. For additional advice, contact a company like Elite Truck Rental.