When you are needing information or to locate a particular individual, the services of a private detective may be extremely useful to you. Yet, you may be ill-informed when it concerns these services, and learning more about these services will help you to understand whether they are right for your situation and needs.

Is It Legal To Hire A Private Detective?

There are some individuals that might be worried about hiring a private detective because they have worries about the legality of these services. However, it is perfectly legal for you to retain the services of a private detective. In fact, hiring these services can minimize the risk of exposing yourself to legal liabilities as these individuals are highly trained in performing their investigations without violating the law.

How Long Will It Take For Your Investigation To Be Completed?

It can be common to want your investigation to be completed as quickly as possible. However, the time that will be required for these cases to be investigated will vary greatly depending on the particular facts surrounding the case. For example, if the detective will need to locate an individual, it could take several weeks to locate witnesses and other individuals that have information about the whereabouts of the party you are seeking. As a result, it can be difficult to provide an accurate estimate for how long it will take to find individuals.

How Do Private Detectives Charge Their Clients For Their Services?

Due to the fact that it can be difficult for a private detective to provide a reasonable estimate for their services, they often employ fairly flexible billing structures. This is so that their clients will be able to control the costs of investigating their cases. For instances where intensive field research is required, the private detective is likely to charge an hourly rate that will need to be paid. To ensure that this rate is paid, a retainer fee will usually be required and the hourly rated deducted from it.

For cases that are simpler, it can be common for these services to provide flat rate fees. However, this is often limited to fairly simple document research and procurement needs. To help you understand how you will be billed, you will need to undergo an initial consultation with the private detective. During this meeting, you will be able to discuss the work that you need completed so that the detective will understand which billing option will be applicable.

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