If you are thinking about starting a business that cleans things outside, there is a lot of cleaning equipment you will need. Depending on which direction you want to take your cleaning business, you may have to choose certain pieces of equipment over others. Here are just a few options and what you might use these pieces of equipment for.

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer can clean just about anything, plus they are very portable. With a pressure washer, you could clean siding, grout, brick walls, brick houses, sidewalks, driveways, cars and even horses and livestock (on the lowest setting, of course). In addition to cleaning with just pressurized water, you can add all kinds of liquid cleaning agents to a pressure washer to get better results.

Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Most pressure washers have a connection for a garden hose so that the pressure washers can easily be used outside. If you buy a pressure washer that heats its own water for hot water applications, then having a heavy duty garden hose allows you to utilize water from any outdoor spigot. It also eliminates the need to bring your own "water truck" with you (i.e., a truck with a water tank that heats the water and connects directly to your pressure washer).

Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaner

Of course, you could just skip all of the above and invest in a truck-mounted steam cleaner. This equipment comes with hot, soapy water and its own suction-activated cleaning wand. A flip of the switch and the wand releases water rather than suctions it. Various head attachments allow you to clean just about anything, and when you are finished you drive your truck with all of its tools to the next work order.


A sandblaster is a piece of equipment that is similar to a pressure washer, except instead of using water, the machine uses sand. It is the equivalent of operating a large circular sander with the finest grit sandpaper disk you can buy. For jobs where water simply will not remove the grime and/or graffiti, a sandblaster absolutely scours away this stuff.

Street Sweepers

Finally, if you have clients and customers that just want leaves and windswept debris removed from their parking lots, consider investing in a street sweeper. The more compact ones have onboard tools you can detach or flip out while you drive the sweeper around. It is helpful to have around to clear an area before you sandblast or power-wash it too.

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