If you are going to be attending a trade show to promote your business' products or services, having the right promotional items to give to prospective customers is key to improve chances of future sales. Many businesses give away handy products at these events as a token of appreciation to people who stopping by their booth. Here are some fun ways to get your business' information into the hands of potential customers in an attempt to pique interest in your wares or services.

Give Away Office Items To Attendees

When giving away promotional items, it is extremely important that the item itself is useful to the recipient. If it is not, it will be overlooked or may even be tossed into the trash. Office supplies are great items to give away at trade show events as they are necessary in everyday business practices, making them likely to be utilized often. They are also items that are shared between office workers, making the information printed upon them apt to be seen by several different potential customers as a result. Invest in some fountain pens, paperweights, calendars, lanyards, custom rulers, or stationary to give to people stopping by your booth.

Consider Handing Out Clothing Items

One great gift to obtain at a trade show is a piece of clothing as it can be used for several years while giving the recipient a memory of the event they can look back on often. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, or beach bags are all useful items that show off your business' pertinent information to many people at a time when someone wears the item. This will allow your business information to be shared in areas where you may not have advertised in the past, helping you to expand your client-base to new locations.

Use A Theme Specific To Your Business

One way to gain interest in your business is by giving out an item that coincides with the type of products or services your company specialize in. If you work with baking products, for example, give out a tasty treat adorned in packaging with your business' information in view. If you specialize in household lighting, give away a flashlight with your company name on the barrel. Keeping with the theme of your business will allow recipients to associate their promotional item with the type of company you work for, making it easier for them to remember to look up additional information about your business after they get back to their home or office.